Thursday, March 8, 2012

Fever Pitch

I probably shouldn't use that turn of phrase with a medical team going to the tropics, but things are heating up, figuratively and literally.

We are in a push to purchase our airfare for the team. With the Summer Olympics in London in July and the strife with Iran driving up fuel costs, airline ticket prices are rising rapidly. We are going to plan on purchasing the tickets in the next week. This means we need to raise another $5000 - $6000 in the next week. Scary!

I was reminded this morning in reading scripture that God is able. If this team is to be successful, it will only be with His help.

This afternoon I made phone calls to try to open new contacts for funding. I am happy to say that the time was not wasted.

On another front, we are moving ahead with securing medical supplies. One piece of great news is that we have been promised a fetal dopplar. This piece of equipment is almost brand new. One of team members, Judy McQuown will be training the nurses at Nhaloi in it is use.

Two physicians in the Wichita area have expressed a desire to assist in the acquisition of other medical supplies. Jim in Illinois is also soliciting donations. I will be posting a list and as the items come in I will update it.

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