Wednesday, July 17, 2013

2013 Team Home Safe!

Our 2013 team just returned last week from a 3 week trip.

Team members Jim Blackburn, Dr. Randy Claassen, Hendrik Smidderks, and Rolf Hagemann met with the leadership of the Free Methodist Church of Mozambique, local officials, and the Minister of Health in Maputo. They were well received and able to make some progress on plans for 2014.

The team spent 3 days at Nhaloi meeting with staff and planning for the Claassen's move to the hospital. The local people have been very helpful and positive. Even the local police were asking about the next team! These relationships are crucial.

The Free Methodist Church of Mozambique appointed a chaplain to the hospital, Rev. Mateus Mawukwane, who speaks fluent English. He will be tremendously helpful to us in 2014. In addition to assisting 2014 teams, he will be teaching Dr. Randy & Janice Portuguese.

Team members were able to investigate buildings and supplies. There is plenty of reconstruction to do.

The electrical plant was repaired and is now ready for use. Rafael, an on-site volunteer, will be testing it this month.

We were unable to drill the new well. We were in contact with a well-driller from South Africa who was too busy in northern Mozambique to be of any assistance to us. We now have local officials working on another contractor. We are also looking at using a team from the Wesleyan Church who has a rig in Mozambique. Please continue to pray.

Stay tuned for some photos and more info!

Monday, June 24, 2013

2013 Team Leaving Chicago This Week

Our 2013 team is leaving from Chicago on Wednesday, June 26 for Mozambique. This team is primarily the Claassen family, the Smidderks family, and Jim Blackburn. The Claassens are making plans to move to Nhaloi to reopen the hospital in 2014. Smidderks are going to logistical support. Jim is representing the HHA Board of Directors.

Stay tuned for updates from the field!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


We are now taking applications for our 2014 teams. We are planing to send 2 teams of 8 people each. Here are the details for the teams:

General Info:

Team Needs:
We need people who are willing to work hard in less than comfortable conditions to remodel, restock, and restore our hospital/clinic. If you have construction skills, medical skills, organizational skills, ministry skills, or just a strong work ethic and love helping people, you should apply.

Cost: $3,750.00
This includes airfare, lodging, food, fuel, Mozambique visa, evacuation insurance, and a sight-seeing opportunity.Not included: Passport fees, passport & visa photos, postage for fundraising, and personal spending money.

Schedule of Financials:
Application Fee: $10.00
Deposit after being accepted: $100 - Due Aug. 1, 2013
1st Installment Due $750 - Sept. 1, 2013
2nd  Installment Due $850 - Nov. 1, 2013
3rd Installment Due $500 - Jan. 1, 2014
4th Installment Due $790 - Mar. 1, 2014
Final Installment Due $750 - May 1, 2014 = TOTAL $3,750

Trip Timing:
The trip will last 3 weeks which includes about 2 weeks at the Nhaloi Hospital site and about 1 week to travel to and from the hospital. The teams will overlap for one week at Nhaloi allowing a critical mass of manpower for the launch of the hospital.

Team 1: June 11 - July 2
Team 2: June 18 - July 9

To apply click on the 2014 Application tab on the home page. Questions can be emailed to:

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

We have water!

We received word this evening that we have been approved by Clear Blue Global Water Project to receive financial backing for a new well at the hospital site.

This is fantastic news. We should be drilling a new well in a couple months.

More about Clear Blue here

Monday, March 4, 2013

Team Member Honored

Judy McQuown was a member of our 2012 team. She was our OB nurse and we kept her busy. She did a terrific job with the complicated deliveries we handled.

Judy has been honored as one of the top 100 nurses in the state of Iowa. We know she is great, but it is wonderful for her to receive the public honor.

Check it is out here

Time for an update

We have been too neglectful of web presence. We have been very busy working on the next chapter of support for Nhaloi Medical Center. Here are some highlights:

  • We have incorporated "Hope and Healing Africa" and are applying for 501(c)3 status with the IRS. This will give us an avenue to seek corporate funding and grants. 
  • Dr. Claassen & his family will be traveling to Mozambique in June to network with Ministry of Health and make more plans to take up residence ay Nhaloi. Hendrik Smidderks will be traveling with the Claassens for support and communication. Rolf Hagemann and 3D Outreach will again be a partner in this endeavor. More on this soon.
  • The water situation at Nhaloi remains critical. We have raised a fraction of the funds needed to repair the old well or drill a new well.
  • A women's group from a church in western Kansas is our first Nurse Sponsor. They are providing salary support for one of the nurses at Nhaloi. It only costs $30 a month!
We are seeking more financial support. If you are interested in sponsoring a nurse, helping with the water situation, or are willing to provide support for Dr. Claassen's return, please contact Hendrik at