Saturday, June 9, 2012

Bringing it together

We are now inside of 30 days until lift-off. Here are a few notes of update and concern:

Travel Plans
Two vehicles are driving from Wichita to Chicago. One is going through Iowa to pick up Judy, one of the RN's. The other vehicle is driving through Springfield, IL, to pick up medical supplies and Jim, another RN. Two team members, Bill & Maria, will be flying to Chicago from their respective launch points. Pray that all arrive in Chicago on time and safe.

Border-crossing Concerns
Pray that we will be able to cross international borders without incident. We will be caring a significant supply of medical equipment that will be donated to the hospital. We need to be able to cross without tariffs or duty fees.

South African Drivers
We are blessed to be partnering with Rolf Hageman of 3D - Outreach . He and another man will be driving us from Johannesburg to Maputo and Nhaloi and back again. Rolf has been a tremendous blessing. His experience and availability have made him a valuable asset.

Medical Supplies
We are in the final stages of gathering medical supplies. There are a couple of items we are having difficulty obtaining, primarily medications. The next two weeks will include inventorying and creating manifests. Thanks to all who have contributed to the gathering of the supplies including doctors, nurses, hospitals, and individuals. You know who you are.

Personal Note
One of team members has a family member battling cancer. This is a difficult time to be gone. Please pray for health and strength.

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